Uinta Basin VOC Emissions Half of Previous Estimates

After years of collaboration with the Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 8, and the Ute Indian Tribe, we have the first phase of the 2014 Uinta Basin Emissions Inventory. This emissions inventory provides the most accurate data on oil and natural gas emissions in the Uinta Basin. Western Energy Alliance worked tirelessly with UDAQ to provide the base data for the inventory, which UDAQ has compiled and just released.

“I Speak for the Dead Babies”

“I Speak for the Dead Babies” That’s an actual statement from Rolling Stone reporter Paul Solotaroff, who grew frustrated over our 20-minute conversation in which I calmly explained the science of air quality in the Uinta Basin, the findings of the state epidemiologist, and what industry and regulators were doing to solve the problem.


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