Up To The Challenge of Living Fossil Fuel Free?

by Aaron Johnson, Manager of Communications on September 15, 2015 - 10:17am

Fossil Fuel Free ChallengeOver the years, we’ve witnessed numerous protests against fossil fuels–anti-fracking rallies, demonstrations against Keystone XL and other pipelines and rail transport, the divestiture movement, and kayaktivists against arctic drilling. It’s time to put words into action: for those who hate fossil fuels so much, we challenge you to live Fossil Fuel Free for a week.

The common theme among all of these protests is the alleged perils of fossil fuels. We’re told the environment is in danger and human lives made worse because of oil and natural gas. Activists propose completely eliminating all fossil fuels, as if alternatives that provide a tiny portion of our electricity could pick up the slack.

Taking them at their word, Western Energy Alliance is challenging protesters or anyone who thinks that fossil fuels pose a danger to their lives to put into practice the life they promote.

But life without fossil fuels gets much more complex than protest chants let on. If only it were as easy as “Keep it in the Ground,” “Don’t Frack Your Mother,” or “Action Now for Our Children.” 

Our Challenge is designed to get people thinking about the extreme nature of the anti-fossil fuel movement and to consider all the products we use that depend on fossil fuels. Products that make us safe and healthy and that offer conveniences known by no other humans in history.

Beyond the obvious products of gasoline that fuels our vehicles and natural gas that heats our homes and powers our electronics, fossil fuels and their derivatives permeate our world. Most anything made from plastic, rubber or synthetic fibers is manufactured from crude oil and natural gas. Look no further than what you’re wearing and what’s in your pockets right now.

For the week of September 28th, we challenge anyone questioning the role of fossil fuels in their daily lives to judge for themselves if life is better with or without oil, natural gas and the countless products they produce.

Visit FFFChallenge.com to learn more. Pledge to take the Challenge and share your experience on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Fossil Fuel Free Challenge

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