Collaboration on Water Lifecycle Management

by Megan Garvey, Environmental Policy Advisor, QEP Resources on July 27, 2015 - 7:24am

EWI Case Studies Report

A number of Western Energy Alliance member companies are part of a separate, collaborative effort, to study, communicate and improve lifecycle water use and management in onshore oil and natural gas exploration and production – the Energy Water Initiative (or “EWI”).  EWI was founded in May 2013 and currently has 17 oil and natural gas company members.   

EWI member companies recognize the importance of water management and conservation, and the role technology and knowledge-sharing can play in continuous improvement.  EWI seeks to gather and develop recommended management practices and technologies that industry can employ to efficiently use and conserve water resources.  EWI provides fact-based information to regulators and other stakeholders regarding the use and management of water by the oil and natural gas industry.   

Earlier this year, EWI released its U.S. Onshore Unconventional Exploration and Production Water Management Case Studies report.  EWI’s Case Studies report is intended to inform stakeholders of the importance the oil and natural gas industry places on water management, and of the progress made to efficiently use, manage and conserve this valuable resource among its members.

If you have questions about EWI, please contact Megan Garvey at QEP or Jill Cooper at Anadarko.

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