Fossil fuels: The Key Ingredient of Environmental Protests

by Aaron Johnson, Manager of Communications on September 28, 2015 - 10:35am

You’ve got to love environmental activists. They protest against items they benefit from every day. Take this picture for example. It turns out the key ingredient to environmental protests is fossil fuels.  

Let’s explore this group of anti-fracking, anti-fossil fuel protesters.

  • See the guy talking on the cell phone? His conversation isn’t possible without plastics created from crude oil. Not to mention that when he plugs that phone into the wall jack at home, the electricity is likely generated from a power plant that runs on natural gas or coal.
  • How about the guy eating soup. He can’t take it on the go without the plastic container and spoon made from oil and natural gas.
  • The young lady in the blue shirt has a nice camera around her neck made with complex electronics inside. That camera operates using microchips and plastic components made from fossil fuels. Her nylon leggings are developed using petroleum.
  • Finally, all those protest signs with their plastic laminates are produced from, you guessed it, petroleum products. They’re right–it would be fracking crazy not to appreciate the benefits that oil and natural gas provide.

It’s because of protests like this that we created the Fossil Fuel Free Challenge. For those who think life would really be better without oil and natural gas products, we urge them to go a week without starting September 28th. Then share your experience with the rest of us.

The extreme lifestyle fossil fuel opponents promote needs to be fully experienced to understand the reality of it ultimately means. Pledge to take the Challenge at Then share the creative ways you lived free of fossil fuels at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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