It’s No Coincidence

by Aaron Johnson, Manager of Communications on September 17, 2015 - 9:31am

Fossil Fuel Free ChallengeThe upswing in environmental activism and new regulations in 2015 is no coincidence. As President Obama’s administration nears its end, the window is closing for fossil fuel opponents to easily constrict access to productive resources, particularly oil and natural gas.

Environmental groups are employing a spectrum of tactics to further their agenda. We’ve seen local anti-fracking protests; fake grassroots campaigns; ballot initiatives to prevent fracking; fossil fuel divestment campaigns on campuses; celebrity appearances to stoke public fears; and a billionaire’s campaign against the Keystone XL pipeline. Activists even put a modern twist on sit-in campaigns with kayak protests.

Activists are given considerable deference when they make claims about the environment and industries they oppose. Many people accept what environmentalists say at face value and do not dispute their validity. The thinking goes: they seek to do good and genuinely believe in protecting others, so give them a wide birth and a measure of trust.

But environmental groups have their own agenda, which isn’t necessarily for the best of the average American. They have gone far beyond concern for the environment and seek to control how people live their lives. Central control by the federal government is their preferred method of control, as working with 50 states and countless stakeholders seeking to balance the environment with public health and economic growth is hard work.

Playing their part, political appointees, the majority of whom worked for environmental groups, at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior and other federal regulatory agencies are stacking the deck against fossil fuel production with numerous new regulations. Just this year agencies have proposed or tried to implement a federal fracking rule, methane rules, ozone standards, the Clean Power Plan, and dozens of public land use plans limiting access to oil and natural gas on millions of acres. The small, if any, environmental benefits that these regulations would provide pale compared to the larger goal of making it more difficult, if not impossible in many situations, to develop oil and natural gas.

In light of all of these activities we’re launching the Fossil Fuel Free Challenge. We encourage anyone questioning the role of fossil fuels in their daily lives to judge for themselves. Is life better with or without oil, natural gas and the countless products they produce?

The severe lifestyle fossil fuel opponents promote needs to be considered and fully experienced to understand their consequences.

Our Challenge won’t be easy because life as we know it runs on fossil fuels, but we don’t always recognize it. Fossil fuels permeate our lives. They enable our comfortable lifestyle and provide tremendous health benefits.

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