Take 5: Highlights from Sec. Zinke’s Heritage Speech on Energy

by Aaron Johnson, Vice President of Public Affairs on October 5, 2017 - 3:47pm

Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke recently gave a speech on making American an energy superpower at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. Located a block of away from Senate office buildings, the think tank occasionally hosts members of the president’s cabinet. Historically, speeches at Heritage are used to set major policy priorities within an administration, not to repeat a well-worn stump speech.

Given that context, let’s look at key elements from Sec. Zinke’s remarks, where he spoke broadly about America’s energy crossroads, using domestic energy as a diplomatic tool, protecting the environment, and economic prosperity that comes with domestic production. Here are five key statements on energy unique to this speech and not used previously by the secretary nor President Trump:

1. “As our nation stands today, we’re at an energy crossroads, and there are two visions for our future for energy. One side believes we should retreat into an energy fortress of regulation and red tape, where foreign nations take the lead while America drowns itself in process and procedure. This is not the vision of president Trump.”

2. “Our government must restore the promise of an energy economy for a stronger and more secure America. And I can assure you today the war on American energy is over. To end this war and bring back the American dream to every American family we have to restore trust in our federal government.”

3. “We’re going to fix this problem at Interior by changing the structure and learning how to be joint. Our government needs to learn to work together. The bureaus within Interior and our brothers and sisters at other agencies need to learn to work better to be responsive to the people we serve.”

4. “The Trump Administration will not streamline at the expense of security. We will not streamline at the expense of the environment. We will not streamline at the expense of safety. We will streamline at the expense of getting the job down as America expects us to do.”

5. “We will welcome innovation rather than regulation that prevents it. Regulation should be grounded on science and careful analysis and not agenda and ideology. And that is why this administration is reducing punitive regulations that have stagnated our economy. And we are cutting the annual regulatory agenda by over 50 percent. This is a national imperative.”

Phote source: Breitbart News