Fossil Fuel Free Week Begins

September 28, 2015

DENVER – Imagine not being able to use a smartphone, enjoy a beer or take basic medications–that’s the reality of life without fossil fuels. Today, the chance to test drive that life has arrived in the form of Fossil Fuel Free Week, organized by Western Energy Alliance. This week, take the Challenge to fully experience what environmental activists and policymakers promote through protests, social media campaigns and overreaching regulations that squeeze out production.

“Environmental groups have actively promoted ending fossil fuel consumption,” said Tim Wigley, president of Western Energy Alliance. “Recently, more than 400 groups organized in front of the White House to call on Pres. Obama to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Taking these groups at their word, we created the Challenge to show that oil and natural gas products are not easily dispensable. In fact, it’s quite the contrary; fossil fuels make modern living possible. They power our economy and provide the basic feedstock used to manufacture smartphones, clothing and medicine and make our world safer, healthier and more convenient.”

Learn more and pledge to take the Challenge at Each day this week, visit the site for details on how attempting to live free of fossil fuels in reality means forgoing the basics of daily life. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and The Source Rock blog.

“Since announcing the Fossil Fuel Free Challenge two weeks ago, we’ve challenged numerous environmental groups to practice what they promote. We’ve called on companies like Starbucks, Nike, Walmart and others that have pledged to do away with fossil fuels to try going just one week without. The reaction we get is people saying they’ll ride a bike to work or that they already drive a hybrid. However those still use considerable amounts of fossil fuels and components that only come from oil and natural gas. If you take the Challenge, you’ll see how protests against fossil fuels clash with reality,” added Wigley.

Fossil Fuel Free Challenge       Fossil Fuel Free Challenge

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