Live Fossil Fuel Free for One Week

September 14, 2015

DENVER – Discover what life is like without fossil fuels by taking the Fossil Fuel Free Challenge, organized by Western Energy Alliance. Fossil Fuel Free week will be September 28th – October 2nd. Learn more and pledge to take the Challenge at

Fossil Fuel Free Challenge

This is the chance to attempt the lifestyle environmentalists and policymakers promote through protests, social media activism and overreaching regulations. During the Fossil Fuel Free week, individuals are challenged to live without the benefits of fossil fuels.

“There’s a growing group of people who want to completely eliminate fossil fuel consumption as their way of protecting the environment. This year we’ve seen this in the form of divestment rallies, kayak protests and activists dangling from bridges. Meanwhile the government is implementing unprecedented new regulations to squeeze out production,” said Tim Wigley, president of the Alliance. “This challenge is a way to experience the lifestyle those groups promote to the fullest.” 

“Fossil fuels permeate our lives. Our campaign provides us the opportunity to show those who oppose responsible oil and natural gas development that they would be poorer, sicker, less educated, colder in winter, and hotter in summer while generally leading a dull and deprived life. But for anyone who thinks life is better without fossil fuels, then we challenge you to go one week without them,” added Wigley.

The upswing in environmental activism and new regulations in 2015 is no coincidence. As President Obama’s administration nears its end, the window is closing for fossil fuel opponents to constrict access to productive resources, particularly oil and natural gas.

Tactics employed by environmental groups run the gamut from local anti-fracking protests; fake grassroots campaigns; ballot initiatives to prevent fracking; fossil fuel divestment campaigns on campuses; celebrity appearances to stoke public fears; and a billionaire’s campaign against the Keystone XL pipeline. Activists even put a modern twist on sit-in campaigns with kayak protests.

Playing their part, political appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior and other federal regulatory agencies are stacking the deck against fossil fuel production with numerous new regulations. Just this year agencies have proposed or tried to implement a federal fracking rule, methane rules, ozone standards, the Clean Power Plan, and dozens of public land use plans limiting access to oil and natural gas on millions of acres.

Learn more and pledge to take the Challenge at Follow on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #FossilFuelFree.

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Fossil Fuel Free Challenge