New 90 Second Video: There’s Common Ground We Share

September 13, 2013

Providing abundant, affordable energy while protecting the environment

(DENVER) -   Western Energy Alliance released the second video in its Common Ground series, designed to inform the public about how western oil and natural gas producers are providing abundant, affordable energy for Americans while protecting the environment.  The latest video focuses on how companies are protecting water and reducing its use.

“There’s Common Ground we share with local communities, state officials, ranchers, sportsmen, and the public,” said Tim Wigley, President of Western Energy Alliance. “Water is an extremely important resource in the West, and oil and natural gas producers take great care to ensure they’re protecting water while also finding ways to use less.

“Our Water video features Chuck and Roni Sylvester of LaSalle, Colorado discussing how their farm coexists with nearby natural gas operations. The Sylvesters have seen how companies have improved technology over the years, and work hard to protect the land and water. There’s common ground we share with farmers and ranchers, providing affordable energy and healthy food while protecting valuable water resources.”