Obama Favors Iranian, Not American, Producers with Exports Veto Threat

October 9, 2015

Western Energy Alliance applauds the House vote to lift the oil export ban

DENVER - Western Energy Alliance offered the following comments on passage today in the U.S. House of Representatives of H.R. 702, a bill to lift the ban on exporting crude oil:

“Today’s vote shows both parties in Congress recognize crude oil exports will create jobs for American workers, save consumers money and provide our allies with vital energy resources,” said Kathleen Sgamma, vice president of government and public affairs at the Alliance. “American producers have unlocked huge new supplies of oil through technical innovation and advanced drilling techniques. We have the ability to expand the American economy and improve national security by exporting this strategic resource, yet are blocked from the global market by arcane policies.

“The bipartisan majority of the House understands that overturning the ban will result in $265 billion in overall savings for consumers, which translates into $391 in annual household savings. That’s good news for nearly everyone except a president who’s using nearly every regulatory lever available to restrain U.S. oil production. President Obama’s veto threat shows he favors Iranian producers over Americans,” concluded Sgamma.

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