President Obama Should Recognize the True Source of America’s Success

June 25, 2013

Climate change plans double down on failed policies

(DENVER)-President Obama is once again proposing "solutions" for climate change that fail to recognize the true source of American success – natural gas. By incorrectly attributing the significant reduction in American greenhouse gases to his failed policies, he is proposing to repeat those policies while continuing to harm American economic and job growth.

"The reason America is the only industrialized country to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1995 levels is because of increased natural gas electricity generation, not because of increased wind and solar energy as the President claims," said Kathleen Sgamma, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs. "Yet the President fails to even acknowledge the reason for America's success. By failing to learn from reality, he is merely planning to repeat the same failed policies and overregulation that have been suppressing American job and economic growth."

"Rather than new federal regulations, he should be encouraging more natural gas development and approving Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export licenses. By exporting LNG, not only would America benefit from huge job growth, but we would be providing a low-carbon solution to other nations and helping them to likewise reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Germany and Japan have increased their use of coal because they lack access to affordable natural gas, and their carbon emissions have risen. By stubbornly repressing exports, the President is standing in the way of a global solution to a global problem."

"Likewise, on public lands the President is planning to further expedite wind and solar projects. Yet these energy sources have already been treated preferentially, with resources diverted from oil and natural gas lease and permit processing. If the President truly wanted a solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, he would be encouraging more natural gas development on federal lands, rather than holding up eighteen projects, 67,000 jobs, and $15 billion in annual economic impact. He would also stop efforts to add yet more regulations on oil and natural gas, as with the hydraulic fracturing rule, and concentrate the Interior Department on moving forward with development. By so doing, more supplies of natural gas would be available to keep prices low for consumers while enabling our allies to reduce their carbon emissions."

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