There’s Common Ground We Share

August 26, 2013

Western Energy Alliance has launched a video series called Common Ground designed to inform the public about how western oil and natural gas producers are providing abundant, affordable energy for Americans while protecting the environment. The first of four videos has been released, with others to follow over the next few months.

“There’s Common Ground we share with local communities, state officials, ranchers, sportsmen, and the public,” said Tim Wigley, President of Western Energy Alliance. “We all want abundant, affordable energy while protecting the air, water, land and wildlife. Our Common Ground series explains to the public how oil and natural gas producers develop energy in a responsible manner while protecting the environment.

“The environmental lobby often presents the public with a false choice – either the environment or affordable energy. Their answer is scarcity – we must have less domestic energy development in order to protect the environment,” he continued. “Meanwhile, the oil and natural gas industry has responded to every environmental challenge, developing technologies that have unlocked huge new American energy supplies while significantly reducing environmental impact. Our videos highlight the solutions that western oil and natural gas producers provide while being good stewards of the land.”