Utah Public Lands Initiative

February 25, 2016

DENVER – Western Energy Alliance wishes to make it clear that our initial statement on the Utah Public Lands initiative was not specific to Ute Tribal lands.

“Western Energy Alliance strongly respects and supports the Ute Tribe’s sovereignty, and we look forward to participating in a process that fully includes the Tribe,” said Kathleen Sgamma, vice president of government and public affairs at Western Energy Alliance. “We support a bottom-up process that includes the Tribe, State, and Congress to help ensure a robust oil and natural gas industry thrives in the Uinta Basin.”

“We believe the Public Lands Initiative process represents a great opportunity to resolve many contentious public lands issues in Utah. For example, the energy planning areas could include measures to reduce the impediments to development of oil and natural gas on tribal lands. Onerous Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Land Management processes disadvantage production on tribal lands compared to private, state and even federal lands, and as a result, stifle economic and job opportunities for tribal members.

“We support a bottom-up process and look forward to working with Congressmen Bishop and Chaffetz, the Tribe, State, and many other stakeholders to work through these issues,” concluded Sgamma.

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