Voters to Washington: Develop America’s Abundant Oil & Natural Gas

May 2, 2013

National Survey Shows Voter Support for Increased Domestic Production in the West

(Denver)- Today Western Energy Alliance publically released the findings of a national telephone survey of 1,000 high-performing voters evaluating public opinion about domestic oil and natural gas production and the indus-try practice of hydraulic fracturing. The results confirm voters nationwide support increased domestic energy development and recognize the economic benefits energy brings to our overall economy.

"Despite what critics are saying, voters have a favorable opinion of how oil and natural gas is produced in America," said Tim Wigley, President of Western Energy Alliance. "They believe the right amount, or even too many regulations are currently in place and that individual states are best suited to oversee oil and natural gas development. When asked where the priority for energy development should take place, almost one-in-four (24%) chose federal lands over state or private lands," said Wigley.

Among the key findings, 87% of voters surveyed want domestic production to meet the growing demand for additional sources of energy and more than 78% of voters favor increased development of oil and natural gas in the United States, with 63% strongly favoring. Only 17% of voters oppose the increased development of oil and natural gas.

"When it comes to public opinion about hydraulic fracturing, the good news is the facts are on our side. Our data shows that if and when the public understands what industry is doing to protect their safety and the environment, their support for hydraulic fracturing increases up to 71%. That means we have some educating to do," said Wigley.

Western Energy Alliance will carry this message to Washington D.C. next week along with 65 industry representatives, ranchers, county commissioners, state legislators, regulators, and others aimed at educating Congress and federal policymakers on the enormous economic and energy potential of the West. The Alliance will share the findings from the national survey and promote the job and economic data showcased on the Western Oil & Natural Gas Employs America portal, an online tool that provides the jobs and economic benefits from the West in every state, Congressional district and county in the nation. Overall, the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry from just thirteen western states supports 229,150 jobs and $51 billion in annual economic impact nationwide.

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