Western Energy Alliance Congratulates President-Elect Trump

November 9, 2016

DENVER – Western Energy Alliance applauds the victory of Donald Trump. The following statement is attributable to Tim Wigley, president of the Alliance:

“Western Energy Alliance is overjoyed that we will not be experiencing a third term of the Obama Administration. American producers have been deluged by regulatory agencies bent on making it more difficult to produce American energy even as President Obama worked so hard to help Iranian producers. President-elect Trump understands that overregulation is killing American opportunity, and his plans to spur development of domestic shale oil and natural gas will create hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs while delivering widespread prosperity and low energy prices for consumers.

“We look forward to working with President-elect Trump’s administration to roll back many unlawful regulatory orders and to a federal government that is not beholden to the environmental lobby while ignoring the working class. American oil and natural gas producers have met every legitimate environmental challenge, from reducing the footprint on the land to conserving species and increasing water reuse and recycling. We look forward to working with an administration that will sensibly encourage that strong environmental record while unleashing job creation. We anticipate good policies moving forward such as the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, liquefied natural gas exports, and energy projects on non-park, non-wilderness federal lands.”