Western Oil & Natural Gas Employs America: E&P Supports

July 10, 2012

Interactive web portal shows New York, Illinois and Ohio among top non-western beneficiaries

(DENVER)- Western Energy Alliance launched an interactive web portal today demonstrating the impressive employment and economic impact created by the western oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, and how that impact is distributed throughout the entire United States.

According to John Dunham & Associates, a respected economics firm, the western E&P sector alone employs 229,150 workers nationwide and generates over $51 billion in economic impact, revealing its far-reaching benefit as a cornerstone of the U.S. economy. The western E&P sector provides over $15.5 billion in wages to American working families and nearly $13 billion in taxes annually, making it a critical source of revenue to local, state and federal governments.

The western E&P or "upstream" sector of the industry is responsible for discovering, developing, and producing oil and natural gas in 13 western states. In addition to traditional E&P jobs, this regional sector is an important employment and revenue source in all 50 states, with New York, Illinois and Ohio among the top beneficiaries.

The Western Oil & Natural Gas Employs America web portal provides easy-to-use web tools empowering users to view the employment and economic impact created by western E&P. Users may select and generate national, state or congressional district reports to see how they benefit from western E&P.

To see where western oil and natural gas companies are creating jobs and economic growth, visit westernenergyalliance.org/EmploysAmerica



About Western Energy Alliance
Western Energy Alliance, founded in 1974 as the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States, is a non-profit trade association representing more than 400 companies engaged in all aspects of environmentally responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the West. More information on Western Energy Alliance and its members is available at www.westernenergyalliance.org.